Who We Are

The Anglican Parish of Parkside

St Oswald’s is an Anglican Church

As a faith community, we are on a remarkable journey, travelling light, asking questions, always learning. We value the past and we are open to the future.
As a diverse group of people, we are a warm, open, inclusive, and thinking community.
We are committed to the joy of singing and inspiring music and art, as well as to building community, fostering spirituality, and working for justice.
Our conviction is that God is not a remote despot in the sky, but a loving presence in the world. We discovered that love in and through the life of Jesus of Nazareth and his friends, who subverted religious, social, and political divisions in the name of love. We value human diversity and autonomy.
You are welcome in this place.

Our Leadership Team

The current locum priest is the Reverend Bill Goodes.

Priest’s Warden: Dianne Bradey
People’s Warden: Jeanne Lorraine

2021 Parish Profile

The parish is currently searching for a new priest. As part of this process, a parish profile has been written, detailing the history, current status, and activities of the church.

The profile can be downloaded by clicking on the button below.