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Queering God and building an inclusive church

Christmas time is a good time to think about life, relationships, and faith. Sometimes that process begins with new thinking about the divine. The starting point is that God is mystery. We cannot put God in a box. Above all, God is the mystery of love, an open,...

Jimmy Barnes and Jeremiah

Sometimes we find ourselves in difficult places, the key question then is 'how did I end up here?' This is the sort of question rock icon Jimmy Barnes and the prophet Jeremiah reflected on, underlining the importance of honest self-reflection and the creation of new...

A transgender Church?

The Church is grateful for its transgender members. They enrich our parishes with their remarkable life experience, personal integrity, and deep empathy.

The environment and St Francis of Assisi

4th October is the day we celebrate the Feast of Francis of Assisi. It is a good day to think about how we see the world in which we live.

Rediscovering the sacred and the waterhole

We need to rediscover the sacred. It helps then to rethink how we see God and the Church. So, I start with a description of a brilliant painting of a waterhole by indigenous artist Jimmy Pike.

Changing perspectives, embracing diversity

There is no serious or substantial scholarly research, which can justify the Church's ongoing exclusion of persons on the basis of gender and sexuaulity. But the Church keeps bullying LGBTIQ persons and communities. It is time for a rethink. It is time to change the...

Divine generosity and the Church’s problem with power

Since the Emperor Constantine, the Church as misused power to develop hierarchies, accrue privileges, and marginalize people on the basis of gender, sexuality, and disability. The parable of the labourers in the vineyard subverts systems of ranking and privilege, all...

Challenging ageism

In the age of the virus, value is determined by usefulness, which is monetized. But older people are not things. They are not expendable.

A eulogy for the normal

We took you for granted. At first, we thought our parting was temporary. It was only a matter of time before we would be returning to you. Instead, we mourn your passing. We miss the simple things like strolling through the city, enjoying the bustle, having coffee and...